An animated gif of five christmas card designs on a yellow background. The cards are red and green and depict different cute animals having a nice festive time.
A diagonal flatlay of Christmas cards in red, green and brown on a yellow background.
Five christmas cards on a yellow background. Top two are of Santa dog and their pet dog and a happy Christmas pudding eater on a giant Christmas pudding. Bottom three are christmas tree decorators, a snow cat being made and a smug cat ice skating.

YUK FUN Christmas Cards 2022

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Merry Christmas! Spread some festive joy with our very appropriately green and red Christmas cards this year. We have five designs including:

  1. An ice skating cat (obviously it's Dora, you can tell by the smug face)
  2. A giant Christmas pudding with an ecstatic Christmas pudding eater sitting on top
  3. Dog Santa having a hot brew break while patting their pet dog
  4. Three best friends decorating the Christmas tree
  5. A white cat building a snow cat 

Original illustrations by YUK FUN. 


Card size: A6 (10.5cm x 14.8cm) 4.1″ x 5.8″

Set of 5: One of each card design or mix n match
Set of 10: Two of each card design or mix n match

Two colour risograph printed on 100% recycled off-white 250gsm card with environmentally friendly soy based inks. Blank inside. Green and red envelopes included. 

Customer Reviews

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beautiful and unique!

loved sending these out - such a nice change from the traditional (and sometimes boring) Xmas cards. Yuk Fun FTW!

I 🧡the design of yuk fun!

I would order a lot more than postcards, if we would not have to pay taxes for British orders in Germany!☺️